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eraserhead64's Journal

24 hour party people, 28 days later, a clockwork orange, adam and the ants, alice’s restaurant, alien sex fiend, asha bhosle, auntie mame, bad brains, bartleby, bauhaus, blazing saddles, bone orchard, bow wow wow, brigadoon, brokeback mountain, bronski beat, buddy holly, butthole surfers, buzzcocks, canned heat, cat stevens, cecil b. demented, cinema strange, crass, crispin hellion glover, david and lisa, david bowie, desmond dekker, desperate living, devo, doctor who, dracula, dune, echo and the bunnymen, eraserhead, europa europa, factory girl, fahrenheit 9/11, fantastic planet, female trouble, fight club, freaks, fruit, gang of four, gary numan, glen or glenda?, hair, harold and maude, history of the world, hot fuzz, house of wax, johnny cash, joy division, jubilee, justin carver, klaus nomi, last king of scotland, lata mangeshkar, life stinks, logan’s run, lou reed, ludwig van beethoven, mississippi john hurt, monty pythons holy grail, mountain dew, movies, my fair lady, my mp3 player, nosferatu, oingo boingo, orlando, pecker, pere ubu, pink flamingos, polyester, quadrophenia, quest for fire, reading, rocky horror picture show, rock‘n’roll high school, sex gang children, simon and garfunkel, singing, soft cell, sopor aeternus, sunset boulevard, t rex, talking heads, the adicts, the birds, the cramps, the cure, the damned, the dead kennedys, the dead milkmen, the hex, the horrors, the hunger, the kids are alright, the koffin kats, the life aquatic, the life of brian, the lion in winter, the mighty boosh, the mummy, the nomi song, the phantom limbs, the producers, the ramones, the ruling class, the sex pistols, the smiths, the strokes, the tiger lilies, the tingler, the velvet underground, the very things, the who, theater of blood, thomas dolby, tiny tim, to sir with love, tommy, trainspotting, tubeway army, vegetables, violent femmes, wall of voodoo, willard, writing, x, yellow submarine